How MyBeastFriends came to be...

MyBeastFriends was created simply because my children needed comfort when they slept alone at night. It was my son that first came to me asking for help in scaring the monsters away as he slept. I asked him what he thought we could use to help Mom. He responded with a drawing of a red fire-beast. He told me that since he was made of fire his light and heat would keep the monsters away. So I took the drawing and tried to make sense of it. As I lay in bed that night the idea came to me, and I began to sew.

The following night, right before bedtime as I read with him, I asked about the drawing he had given me and to tell me its story once more. Boys being boys, his story became a bit more creative but he still wondered how a simple drawing could help. I just smiled, reached into my bag, and told him that the monsters would not bother him anymore. His eyes lit up as I held his creation in my hand. He touched the soft felt and I could see that his mind began to work things out. What he had described only a few minutes before, was now a three-dimensional object that he could relate to. That night we all slept well.

Low and behold, the next morning my daughter saw the doll (now known as Flamester) in her brother’s hand. As I had anticipated, she wanted one as well, so I took her aside and told her that Flamester was her brother’s Beast Friend who protected him at night when he was scared. She being the smarty-pants in the family, began to conjure up a few monsters of her own and eventually came to me with a drawing of Crazy Daisy. Now her new Beast Friend keeps the closet monsters at bay.

The scenario repeated itself with my nephews and nieces, until I realized that MyBeastFriends could actually help other children that might have issues. From monsters in the closet to bullies at school, MyBeastFriends had become a sounding board for the children to let out and face their fears.

This is why I have created a system that allows your child to create his or her own custom Beast Friend. It also gives them the ability to choose the powers that will come with the Beast. We also realize that sometimes powers fade with time, so we have also given your child the ability to Recharge his or her beast to fit the situation at hand.

MyBeastFriends is now opening the doors for your children to express themselves creatively. Since there are no boundaries to a child's imagination, they not only learn from building their own but can feel secure in that they have a Beast Friend that listens to them and protects them when Mom or Dad are not around.

creatorYsset Canto

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